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When it comes to translation services, most often clients search for a professional service that are located close to their proximity. Frequently, clients use Google to search for translation services near me or for certified translation services near me or for document translation services near me. However, today you will find most of the companies operated globally and their services are offered online. Online translation service helps you to get documents translated quickly without visiting their office or store physically. There may be companies that will have physical office in three to five locations in US and offer the service globally or a company that has only one physical location, but offers the service throughout US or globally. Having less physical location helps the companies to offer their service at affordable price as they have control over the infrastructure.

Getting highest quality translations delivered on time, every time and at the right price is challenging. Hence, in this section we have selected few translation services that are located in Albany, New York. We use a multi-phase selection process beginning with a holistic review by our data team to check for any red flags or unresolved complaints. Further, our team selected the following translation services based on their reputation, expertise, service quality, consistency and customer service. And we believe that this blog section will help your search for professional translation services to turn out to be more productive and accommodative.

All Language Translations, LLC

(518) 857-2848

All Language Translations, LLC  has several professional translators and their translators have passed rigorous examinations and are certified by the American Translator Association. The translators have many years of experience in the translation business. You can get translation for professional documents like legal, financial, contracts, medical, pharmaceutical, technical documents or personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, school transcripts and diplomas.

Chams Consulting & Translation

(518) 253-5362

Chams Consulting and Translation is a family owned firm that provides quality consulting services for small businesses in the Capital District of New York State. They offer different services like small business consulting, tax consulting. marketing strategies and certified translation. They offer certified translation in different foreign languages including: French, Arabic, and Spanish. Most of their clients use our services for Immigration purposes. They have been able to satisfy their client needs and meet the requirements of USCIS.

Djebli Translation & Media Services, LLC

(518) 374-1369

Djebli Translation & Media Services, LLC is a full-service translation and business services firm. This company provides translation and interpretation, as well as business and marketing advice, in Arabic and French, along with other languages prevalent in the markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They have served over 300 clients nationwide in the US since the inception 1987. With over 25 years of professional experience, they offer customer service with integrity and reliability. DTMS strives to provide each customer with friendly and personalized professional service, and we maintain a close working relationship with each client to ensure consistency and accuracy to meet each client’s specific needs.

Innerlingua Translations

(866) 664-4182

Innerlingua Translation Services has been a pioneer in the translation and localization industry. They have network of more than 2,500 translators and editors in 147 languages. They follow all standards on Localization L10N, Internationalization I18N, and Globalization G11N. Innerlingua is a proud Member of the American Translators Association. Innerlingua Translations has an around the clock project management team ready to tackle any project you have in translation, transcreation, localization, transcriptions, development, and Q/A testing.

Languages Translation Services

(253) 835-0107

Languages Translation Services (LTS), also knows as Advanced Language Services specializes in providing language and other services listed below in more than 250 languages for public and private organization and individuals. Their translators have many years of professional experience and translate only into their own mother tongues. Most of them have degrees in a specialized field of knowledge and in the translation profession. Apart from translation, they also provide professional narration, voice-over, audio and video Recording Services in multiple languages worldwide.


(518) 978-8751

LingualLinx is a trusted, go-to partner for the world’s leading companies, institutions and governments. They have a proven track record with over 200 languages across countless business categories and industries. They offer certified translation service utilizing multilingual translators who are native-speaking and subject-matter experts. LinguaLinx guarantees highest quality translation services on time, on budget and with customer service.

Multicultural Association of Medical Interpreters

(315) 732-2271

The Multicultural Association of Medical Interpreters has been providing translation and interpretation services since 1998. MAMI has made this possible by offering interpreting and translation services, interpreter training, education for refugees and immigrants, provider training, and by participating in community collaborative projects. All of their speakers are qualified with high level of understanding of grammar and language. MAMI offers translations for health and legal documents, education materials, consent forms, admissions/discharge instructions and handbooks.

Translate Express Inc

(877) 979-9777

Since 1999, TranslateXpress has strived to provide the best translation services to the public and private sectors alike. No job is too small or too complex. Tailor to clients of all sizes, be it an individual, a business or a government agency. TranslateXpress have been proud to play a role in reducing the barriers-to-entry among cultures and communities. Translation & Localization – All Documents & Websites Fast – Economical Over 20 years of commitment and excellence in providing quality translation services. Your one stop shop for all your language translation needs! Professional Translations in over 40 languages. Quality translations of Legal, Medical, Technical, Business, Marketing, Personal and General documents. Certified Translations available.

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