What is transcribing? How does transcription Benefit Your Workflow?

What is transcribing

If we look around us and see the advent of video content and the diversity of mediums, one can very easily understand the importance of transcription. Even for a complete novice, understanding what is transcription will be quite easy. Imagine the captions or subtitles you see while watching a movie or your favorite show, well, those are nothing but transcriptions.

But what is transcribing? That’s something a lot people might not know. As a matter of fact, this can also benefit your workflow. Sounds interesting? Well, then you have landed on the right page. In this post we will be talking about the process of transcription in general and will also tell you how it can help you with the workflow.

Let’s get started.

What is transcribing? How does transcription Benefit Your Workflow?

On the surface, transcription is nothing but the process of transcribing a content from audio format to the written format. Although it may seem a very straight forward process but it comes with a number of challenges. But nevertheless, the benefits that this process can lend are indispensable. And that’s exactly why this process has become such an integral part of a number of productions. Although, with the current technological advancement, machine translation has become quite famous, still most of the companies rely on 100% human transcription services as they are much more effective. Let’s look at how it can influence your work-flow.

  • Better turnaround time.
  • Seamlessly increase the value of your content.
  • Aids the employees to focus better.
  • Makes it more accessible.

Now, let’s look at them in details:

Better turnaround time:

If your domain of work includes the audio or video then transcription can really work as a great boon for you. It can aid the editor with his workflow. Thanks to the written document, the editor can easily mark the section where revision needs to be done and then restart the editing process. Switching between one work  to another can kill production and make the process tedious but with the help of transcripts, the editor won’t have to toggle between watching and editing simultaneously.

Seamlessly increase the value of your content:

Transcription can also add to the overall value of the content and makes the content easily accessible through searching. Since search engines cannot watch or listen, the written document can make it easy for the search engine crawlers to understand what a video consists of. When it comes to longer videos this technique can do wonders.

Aids the employees to focus better:

Thanks to the transcription services, many industries can get valid employee information without taking the notes from the meeting. From project management to refurbishing the transcript for marketing, anything can be possible with this process. According to research, visual memory is much more effective than auditory memory. So with the transcripts the employees can understand and retain the information better.

Makes it more accessible:

Just like I have mentioned earlier, transcription can add to the overall value of the content. Apart from making it much more search engine friendly for the crawlers, it also makes the content much more accessible for people in general and with disabilities.

Transcription makes it easy for people to watch the video and understand it better. The meaning will be clear and the message will be conveyed better. A great aspect from the marketing point of view. Also, it will expand the audience. Even people with hearing disabilities can easily understand the video and grasp the content. Now what can be better than that!


I hope with the above discussion you now have a clear idea about what is transcription services and how it can help you with your workflow. If you are puzzled about what transcription service to choose then we would recommend you to go for human transcription over the machine translation.

It may prove to be a bit more costly than the machine aid however, if it is quality that you are looking for, then machine translation comes nowhere near to the efficiency of a human expert.

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