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    There are no hidden costs when using our audio transcription service because we operate on transparent pricing. Transcribe Speech only offers cost-effective turnaround time. We are your dream value-for-money audio transcription company. We are proud of the quality of our transcribing solutions. We have been in the business for several years and can turn your poor project into a cynosure of excellence.

    The sky and above will always remain your limit of success for using our professional transcribing service. We will not compromise quality for cost. For this reason, you can be sure to get the best service from us. We are also the leading transcription service that you can trust in a time of need.

Quality Of Transcription Service

If you want to ensure precision in transcripts, it is important to understand your idiom and language.

Our transcribers are highly committed and focused to help get the job done the first time. Our professionals learn with vast amount of experience and understanding to handle any difficult tasks. Irrespective of the quality of digital or analogue of inputs processed and received, our transcription accuracy is guaranteed. For every dollar you invest in our service, you will get one hundred percent returns.

Whatever your requirements are legal, business, academic, media or scientific research, our service will ensure to provide the best solution that suits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Verbatim transcription is word for word transcription. Verbatim transcription is typing out everything that's spoken on an audio or video recording including filler words like uhs, ums, false starts and stutters.
Clean transcription is typing out everything that's spoken on an audio or video recording while leaving out the irrelevant parts like filler words (ums, ahs, you knows, etc.), false starts, repeated words, interruptions, etc.
Good quality audio and Difficult quality audio Good quality audio refers to the American accent and without background noise. Difficult quality audio refers to the audios with background noise, people speaking over one another, low speaking voices, and with thick accents.
Confidentiality is the top priority in our business. All our employees need to sign an agreement agreeing not to disclose any client information. We delete all the audio and video files from our server 30 days from the time the transcription is delivered. We will be happy to sign NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with individuals/universites/companies upon request.
We employ only experienced audio transcription writers to ensure quality. We take all the efforts to provide best transcription service to our clients. We guarantee 98% consistent accuracy. If you're not completely satisfied with your proofread transcript, write back to us. We'll be happy to redo it for free. Please contact us within 7 days from the day the transcript is delivered. Money back guarantee is valid for Good Quality audio.

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Our transcripts are precise in nature. We assure 98% accuracy for good quality recordings.


Our service is backed with 100% money back guarantee for all good quality audio and video recordings.

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